Content update! - 2/15/2020
We've added a new Black Market trader at the NEAF!

If you find yourself stuck with no way our other than hiking out on your feet, fear not! There is a vehicle trader alongside the regular Black Market trader. This will assist those carrying full loads of loot with more storage to be able to get even more gear looted before they head back to their base.

Beware other players, though!
SEEKING TALENT! - 2/14/2020
The SilentCombat team wants you! Are you a talented content creator? Coder? Experience modding DayZ? Are you a forum moderator with experience in previous servers or games? Contact us!

We are always expanding our team and always looking for valuable assets to our team!
Discord milestone! - 2/5/2020
Thank you all!!!! 
we are now over 100 in our discord! Pat yourselves on the backs! Well done! Lets keep SC growing leaps and bounds!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this milestone! You guys in the community are the best and we hope to continue to strive and exceed all of our expectations!

-BASS (Owner)
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Please be as detailed as possible. Proof for any accusations of cheating or foul play is REQUIRED.

We do not compensate for lost or stolen gear or vehicles due to bugs.